About Us

On August 4th 2013 I created a thread on HUKD and MSE that compiled a list of the best sim only deals in the UK from major and minor networks.The deal was received well on HUKD with over 65,000 views and 5,000 degrees of heat within the first 24 hours. Over one year on and the thread has been viewedover 1,000,000 times.

The thread was a continuation of HUKD member QyestionMarks sim only thread which he had started 18 months earlier and closed down at the end of June. He was happy for me to take over and create my own take on an ultimate sim only guide. This led to the creation of the ultimate sim only deal spreadsheet which a lot of you will have seen by now. Maybe even used. The goal of the spreadsheet is to create a concise and up to date guide with all sim only deals from major and minor networks.

The main page deals with all networks and the best offers. It also filters in cashback into the deals, shows the best rates for international calls, includes a selection of recommended apps to save money and it has 2 honourable mentions of pay as you go deals that may be useful to those who don’t want a sim only or who are low users. My goal is to create an ultimate sim only guide that is maintained and up to data at all times and that anyone can open and view on any device at any time.

Now I’ve taken that original thread and turned it into a website for everyone to use. I’ve added in more detail and features and am committed to keeping the website up to date.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below.